MGT601 GDB Spring 2012 (Solution )

Pakistan’s economy can be called as SMEs economy as there are more than 3.2 million SMEs operating in Pakistan which are contributing 30% share in GDP. Similarly they have employed 78% of non-agricultural labor force as per SMEDA statistics. Still this sector is floating in the phase of analysis and diagnosis of problems and challenges and not many actions have been taken so far from the government officials and concerned institutes. Access to finance, lack or research, lack of training and development and semi-skilled labor are the major issues of SME sector that need deliberate attention of state agencies. Similarly the large manufacturing units can also play an active role in the development, growth and expansion of SME sector. The dynamic role of large manufacturing units in the expansion of SME sector is always underestimated and underplayed so far. All over the world, the closely netted collaborations between large manufacturing units and SME sector is supported by governments and stakeholders.

In your opinion, how the large manufacturing units can play their active role in the expansion of SME sector in Pakistan.


The Large companies can play a vital role for the developement of SME.

It can help small companies by providing Loans for expansion of their business as usually the small
companies creates a bye-products for the large companies.
The Large Companies can help small companis in development of high quality products and providing Skills employees to them.
Large companies usually merge or acquire with the small companies. (Here you can Quote any Merger or Aquisition Example).


IT430 Assignment No. 2 Spring 2012 (Solution)


You are a company manager and your company is going to provide online facilities to the distance learning students; you have been assigned to design and develop complete website for your company. This task will be developed stepwise at this step you have been asked to design a page with following requirements. Layout of web page is very simple your page takes system date and time on the top left of the page then in center the particular text containing text i.e. ”WELCOME OUR SERVICES BY YOUR ID AND NAME” will be iterated as Marquee. Next are simple three input fields; first field contains total marks of any term exams or assignment second field contains the secured marks of the student third field contains the marks to which your secured marks are rescaled. Simple example will make you the concept clear if total marks are “20” and one student secured “10” and “Rescale Marks ” are “5” then your designed page will tell the student his/her actual marks after the rescaling specified marks. Here in this case student will get “2.5” marks. For this calculation you have to write the JAVASCRIPT function on clicking “Secured_Rescaled_Marks” button the calculated marks will be appeared on next page.


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IT430 Assignment No. 2 Spring 2012

CS101 Assignment No. 2 Spring 2012 (Solution)


Question 1         [20 marks]


Make a form in HTML document containing only one field named as Email and one Submit Button. Write your own JavaScript function to validate the email address.


The Validation should be as follows:


  1. It must accept only your VU Student email address i.e; it must not accept any other student’s VU email address.
  2. It must show alert on acceptance or denial of the email address after validation.
  3. The name of the function should contain your student ID like CheckEmail_BC102034568.
  4. If you enter your wrong student email id then it must show alert as well.
  5. It must accept your student ID only at, means if you enter then it must not accept it.
  6. There must be unique alerts for each error; like if the length of the student ID is larger or smaller than the original ID then the alert should be according to that.
  7. During each alert, the entered email address must also be shown in the alert box like: “ is not your Valid Email address”


Hint: See the attached sample html file for simply checking @ and dot in an email address.


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CS101 Assignment. 02 Spring 2012

ENG101 Assignment 1 Spring 2012

ENG101 Assignment 1 Spring 2012

Q1. In language learning, ability to use lexicon appropriately and skillfully is considered equivalent to one third of language learning. Write the steps involved in the usage of lexicon. (5 Marks)


Q.1: In language learning, ability to use lexicon appropriately and skillfully is considered equivalent to one third of language learning. following steps involved in the usage of lexicon.

> Spelling
> Part of speech
> Origin of word
> Usage of labels
> Antonyms and synonyms
> Foreign phrases and words
> Pronunciation
> General information
> Meanings and explanation

Q2. Use the following pair of words in your own sentences in a way that it conveys a clear meaning. (5 Marks)

1. file, foil

2. envelop, envelope
3. hoarse, horse

4. incite, insight

5. load, lode


1. file, foil

my sister has got 20 packets of files and she doesn’t use one

Please put only clean aluminum foil in the bank.

2. envelop, envelope

The pines, completely enveloped in flames, threw a wild glare on the scene.
There will be a freepost envelope for you to send back the form.

3. hoarse, horse

Glass Eye
Government Jobs
Holy Quran
Criminal defense lawyer

His throat was clogged, making him sound hoarse.
This white horse once had an unusual feature, a glass eye.

4. incite, insight

Incitee will be a new offense of indirectly inciting terrorism with a very broad definition.
A fascinating insight to a drivers life at the time.

5. load, lode
You’ve given me a heavy load to deal with in one e-mail.
Lode of high grade copper ore was discovered.

1. File: My computer contains one million files.
Foil: Peter covered the fish with foil.
2. Envelop: He was enveloped in a red towel.
Envelope: We are going to buy new envelopes.
3. Hoarse: John voice was hoarse with tiredness.
Horse: King Arthur provided three hundred horses for the next battle.
4. Incite: Michael and his friends were accused of inciting the criminals to attack.
Insight: Holy Quran gives us interesting insights into life of Muslims.

5. Load: Cargo ships are designed to carry specific heavy load.
Lode: Engineers exposed lode in those mountains.

Q3. Write the correct stress pattern of the following nouns and verbs. (5 Marks)



Nouns ——————- Verbs
record——————- record
present ——————- present
conduct ——————- conduct
suspect ——————- suspect
desert ——————- desert

What is stress pattern?

Answer: Stress is the extra force used in pronouncing or speaking a particular word. A dictionary will indicate stress by a tiny mark on the top of a word like this. When you look up a word in the dictionary, be sure to learn where the stress falls on the word.