Instructor of CS504 and CS605 Dr. Fakhar Lodhi

Instructor Biography:

Dr. Fakhar-ul-Islam Lodhi


D.Sc. (CS), George Washington University, USA

MSc (CS) , George Washington University, USA

BSc (EE), UET, Lahore

 Work experience:

Dr. Fakhar Lodhi has taught at George Washington University, Washington DC, USA. He has spent his time evenly in the academics and in the software industry. Before joining NationalUniversity, he has been associated with LUMS, Lahore and the University of the Punjab in their academic programs. He has also been linked with and has been a member of founding teams of some of the leading software houses in Pakistan. His areas of interest include Software Engineering, Software Metrics, and Object Oriented Method.

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Instructor of CS401 Mr. Belal Muhammad Hashmi

Instructor Biography:

Degree: B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering), UET, Lahore.

 Work experience:  Mr. Belal Muhammad Hashmi has more than 9 years of teaching experience at FAST-NU Lahore campus. He also has more than 10 years of experience in design and development of hardware and software systems. He is also involved in the Center for Urdu & Regional Languages Processing at the FAST-NU Lahore campus. He has worked on various aspects of Computerization of Urdu. His interests are Microprocessor-based design, Multi-lingual Software Systems and Control systems.

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Instructor of CS304 Mr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman

Instructor Biography:


Associate Professor


M.Sc.(Electrical Engineering), George Washington University, USA (1988)
B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering), UET, Lahore (1983)
Mr. Shafiq has taught at various universities in Pakistan and USA. He has wide industry experience in all the areas of Software Development Lifecycle and specializes in the design of multi-tier applications. His areas of interest include Semantic Web, Network Security, Design Patterns, and Computational Aspects of Urdu. He is also associated with the Centre for Research in Urdu Language Processing at National University, Lahore. His current research interests are localization of computers for Pakistani languages and semantic web.

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